Heart of the

Wounded Healer 

An Online Temple Initiation

Intensive for Women

meeting bi-monthly

New groups forming soon

 The Heart of the Wounded Healer

A Online Temple Initiation Intensive for Women 

Are you longing and ready for a change of Heart?

Are you willing to go deep into your Heart and meet what is there?

Do you long to have a safe Sacred Space to do your inner awakening work? 

The archetype of the Wounded Healer is a universal pattern of human experience recognized in indigenous shamanic cultures around the world, past and present. This path holds the knowledge that our healing gifts lie within our wounded hearts and the heartbreaking experiences we have throughout our lives.


That which has broken our hearts and wounded us deeply can also heal us and be transmuted into the medicine that we need to heal and we can share with others after we have emerged from the initiatory realms. I have experienced and witnessed that we become transmitters of the necessary medicine, however that may show up, to our students, clients, and others dealing with their own heart wounds. As a healer/therapist/spiritual guide for almost 40 years, I have directly experienced this.


Kundalini Shakti will be our Guide as we meet you where you are, touch into the Feminine archetypes, and work with the ancient yogic practice of Samyama which is a potent Heart Alchemy for meditation and healing practice. Other processes and practices will be offered to support your process. We will dive deeply to share, cry, laugh, meditate, write, move, make art, and engage the world of the Heart, the Feminine archetypes, and the Kundalini Shakti together.

Heart of the Wounded Healer

  If interested, CONTACT SHEILA via phone or email to learn more or join a group.