"Perhaps the deepest, most unknown ambiguous loss shared by both women and men is the loss of knowledge, awareness and direct experience of the Divine."

– Sheila Foster

I urge you to read this narration, consisting of excerpts from her spiritual memoir Carry the  Fire; It is one of the most riveting accounts of spiritual transformation that I have ever encountered.  Sheila's story includes deep suffering, miraculous healing, and emergence into the role of helper for many undergoing spiritual transformation today.  Kundalini itself plays a major role in her unfolding process, sometimes painful, sometimes filled with bliss.

 It is a profound read, and will leave you with much to think about.

Sheila is an experienced therapist and is especially helpful with those undergoing Kundalini awakening.  She has traveled the route and knows the signposts.  We are lucky to have her in our global community and I feel especially fortunate that she lives in Boulder, where I also live.  She does long distance counseling as well as in person, since space as such is no barrier in today's world. 

Dorothy Walters, Author

Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New

Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation



I have been actively on this spiritual path for over 45 years and have never found anything to compare to the depth, honesty, juiciness and intimacy of these heart-centered groups with Sheila and women of the community. If you are ready for the next step along the path, I invite you to enter this circle of wise women.

– Krishnakamini, WV   

To be seen, heard, loved, accepted, embraced with whatever shows up in my life has brought me closer to meeting my soul needs of belonging, transforming, serving and being served and fun!  I am so blessed by it.  

–  Penelope, PA

Sheila's work is an invitation to awakening. She fully supports the process of awakening and living in the present. This work has proven to be seminal in assisting me in meeting consciousness through a heart space perspective. 

 – Mike S., Maryland

Awakening can be messy, awkward, and wonder-full.  I have worked with Sheila Foster for 15 years in women’s circles, groups and individually, and in that time she  has consistently been present to and in service to the process of awakening in my life.  She embodies awakening to the truth of what is and offers that transmission in each and every encounter.

– MJ Boylan, Maryland


Sheila provides a sacred space, a safe place, where everything is welcome.

– Nancy Loeffler, author, The Alchemy of Grief, North Carolina


Sheila's ability to truly see me and meet me fully, enabled me to become consciously present in my body and to experience the loving presence within my heart. She showed me how to live with awareness and loving acceptance. I am extremely grateful to her for transforming my life.    

– Kate Parrish, Health Educator, Maryland


Sheila holds the fire of Shakti to help women through the portals into the Sacred Feminine, into themselves. She is talented, has deep integrity, and is able to evoke the Divine Feminine within in an exquisite and profound way.

– Jodine Turner, Ph.D, author, Oregon



The years that I have spent in the Temple have helped to support my evolution from a frightened, uncertain girl into a vivacious woman who revels in the joy of expressed femininity. Sheila Foster is a gifted guide to the realms of Sacred Feminine archetypes and spiritual initiation.

– Jennifer Lakshmi Dove, Poet & Dancer, Maryland

Sheila is an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. Being in the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, I  felt like I was coming home at last. 

– Willow Salzer, Maryland

Sheila Foster is an extraordinary guide for any person who is willing to carry the fire and not get burned. She has the ability to create a safe space in which that which we most resist becomes the path home to our deepest longing.

– L.W., Maryland

Sheila's Samyama meditation practice is so simple and easy to start, yet so profound and powerful.  Meditation itself becomes a potent portal in which the highest universal wisdom guides transmutation and transformation so effortlessly. A profound and genuine shift took place within my consciousness through the regular practice of this meditation. 

– Yuko Hashimoto, spiritual teacher

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