"Forget everything you know

And open.”  

         Dorothy  Walters, Marrow of Flame 

 Temple of the Sacred Feminine

A vessel of initiation for Men and Women

Perhaps the deepest, most unknown ambiguous loss that both women and men share is the loss of knowledge, awareness, and direct experience of the Divine Feminine, the Kundalini Shakti. This is at the heart of our deepest longing, and what we long for longs for us.  

As a little girl of six years old, I was introduced to the Blessed Mother and fell in love.


This began my conscious relationship with the Divine Feminine. Over the years, I discovered that She has many faces and forms as well as powerful energetic presence. In 1980, I began my study and inner work with the Feminine via Jungian psychology, personally in Jungian analysis, and professionally in my work with women. I was guided to focus on five core archetypes of the Feminine, each of which has countless manifestations. Through the Grace of Shakti Ma, I came to realize and recognize that each archetype is a portal to the realization of our essential incandescent nature. I have experienced and witnessed how Sacred Feminine initiation can support the eve-olution of your life and ripple out in ever-widening circles to your relationships with family, friends, ancestors, your work, and service in the world, even as it burns as your longing to deepen your spiritual life and awareness.


Sacred Feminine Initiation is a sacrament and the beginning of a new life with rites of passage from life as it is, to new, unimagined life and the awakening of new levels of body awareness and consciousness as a human being. Initiation is embodying in order that we expand our sensory awareness to embrace all that it is to be human and welcome all of it. We experience shifts from head to heart and increasingly recognize and trust the innate wisdom of our body-knowing. Powerful changes in our vibratory fields open our hearts and upper chakras as we travel this journey that is through, and beyond, healing old wounds, to empowerments and awakening consciousness to our own incandescent radiance.

Entering the Temple of the Sacred Feminine is crossing a threshold into a potent field of the Kundalini Shakti transmission. This is a Tantric path in that it is feminine and embraces everything. Nothing is excluded as everything comes to teach us. Embodiment is central to this work, as is a heart-felt commitment that burns with a longing that is ignited by the Kundalini Shakti herself.   

Once the Kundalini Shakti rises, we are in a life-long process and the Temple offers the practices and processes, as well as loving community, that can support us through the initiations that awaken us into the fullness of our being and our service in the world. We are sustained and led by Shakti Ma into the Great Unknown through the fears, dark nights, impossible tasks, illuminations, deaths of identities and old conditioning, rebirths, ecstasies, and mystical experiences found on this feminine path within this temenos with other women also called.


Sacred Feminine initiation calls to those who are burning and willing to go deeper than deep and make the necessary sacrifices (from the Latin, to make sacred.). There are sacrifices. All of our lives are filled with sacrifices…what I speak of here are consciously made sacrifices. It is truly a calling, a choice-less choice, requiring everything. What we receive is beyond words, well worth any sacrifices made, truly ineffable when we see these inner changes reflected in our outer lives. Whatever happens is Shakti.


The transmission of Kundalini Shakti given to me continues to be passed on through this initiatory work. In Maryland, where this began, there is a potent community of women who have gone through many initiations in the Temple of the Sacred Feminine since it began in the 80’s. All of them are in in some form of service in their lives, and they, too, transmit the Shakti through their presence and their offerings. These magnificent women are now holding space for for the emergence of a sister Temple of the Sacred Feminine in Boulder, and for you who are called to participate.  


While in the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, I walk with you and share the wisdom She has offered to me, and I can offer you a candle in the darkness of Not Knowing, as that is the territory of the Feminine. We learn to trust Her… we see that what is needed is always provided, and what is provided it what is needed—even when we don’t like it. We learn that we are always in Her lap, abiding in Her Love and Shakti. I can walk with you as you pass through the mysterious caves of your own heart and embrace embodiment along the way. It is here that your unknown, unwelcomed, as-yet-unloved shadow selves can be met, embraced, and emerge in their luminosity and their unimaginable potential can be actualized.  

As the poet, David Whyte wrote, “Leave everything you know behind…”

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A Path for Men with the Sacred Feminine

Many wonderful men are now ready and longing to connect with their inner feminine energies, as well as the Sacred Feminine. You are invited onto a path of awakening, right relationship, and deep partnership with the many facets of your own inner feminine energy, the Anima, with the women in your life and in the collective, in service to honoring the Divine Feminine. The Kundalini Shakti also awakens in men and you, too, can be supported in this mysterious and glorious unfoldment.

Temple of the Sacred Feminine: Workshops

•    Touching the Fire of the Sacred Feminine

•    Wise Women Waking Up: For Women 50+ Years

•    Awakening Your Incandescent Feminine: for Women Under 50 Years

•    Sacred Feminine Initiation  

If you are longing for the Sacred Feminine or for something you cannot name, consider contacting me for a 30-minute complimentary conversation about this, in person or by phone.