Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance

Walking the Path of Kundalini Initiations and Awakening Together

 with Sheila Foster 

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I know from my own experiences and walking this path with others that having a sacred holding vessel, a guide who knows the territory, and a map that has been followed by countless others for eons, makes the passage easier. Each initiation is a unique, solo journey on the inner levels, and can be a shared journey on the outer levels. A hand to hold in the darkness at times is a good thing. When a lantern is needed, I am there.


Kundalini awakening brings forth profound initiations. When I first experienced this, I did not know what was happening to me. I was terrified and yet fully enraptured as I received an abundance of dreams and visions to guide me, the ‘right books’ showed up in perfect timing, and dear people who could hold space and love me through the ordeals were already in place. It was amazing how all that I needed was provided. It wasn’t long before I realized that there is an archetypal structure to the initiatory journey, and knowing this took my fear away. I then could surrender fully.


When Kundalini Shakti calls us to step beyond the illusion of third-dimensional duality, She can be fierce as well as gentle, confrontive as well as nurturing, and always loving and in service to alignment with Truth. She offers us an awakened, non-dual awareness, a path of direct experience, expanding consciousness so we can see and appreciate the Divine Arrangement and perfection in all that is taking place. We can’t see these things from the dualistic, thinking mind. We enter a multiverse of higher vibrational awareness, as well as countless transpersonal experiences and precious gifts for sharing with others. Our path and our purpose are recognized. The word initiation is derived from the Latin word initiare—"to begin.”

So, let us step into the Unknown where everything begins…


There are three phases: Departure, Initiation, and the Return. These phases are archetypal in that they are universally consistent across cultures and time, the way a skeleton is a consistent truth of the human body, even though faces, skin color, size, and body types differ immensely. The phases of spiritual initiation are congruent with the phases of the heroic journey that Joseph Campbell wrote about in his amazing book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949). Kundalini Shakti works with each of us in profound and mysterious ways, so that our initiatory journeys are unique in their specifics, and yet the archetypal map of the territory and the stages we go through are universal.


We leave our known reality when we are called into the Unknown by our longing or some circumstance of Life. The Call to awaken may come through deep longing and years of spiritual practice, dreams, an inner voice, trauma, illness, accident, a walk on the beach. Kundalini Shakti makes Herself known to us in mysterious ways, inviting us into the depths and Great Heart of the Unknown, where we can discover who and what we truly are, as well as what we are here for. We cannot know what we are stepping into or see farther ahead than the next breadcrumb. Beginners mind is where this journey starts.


Campbell (1949) called this phase of the journey The Road of Trials because it is a challenging road of alchemy, transmutation, transformation, and astounding heart opening. This is the rigorous part of the path where we must face our Shadow, the unknown, unloved, unwelcome parts of ourselves. We also meet gate keepers and allies, impossible tasks, divine helpers, dragons and magical beings. We are challenged in many ways, dismembered, and taken to edges beyond what we believe we can do or be. The centrality of Initiation is the dismemberment, death, and rebirth that occurs within us and usually in our outer lives, too. The alchemical fire confronts our conditioning, beliefs, identifications, and identities. In the ashes of what was, and the tears of grief we shed, we find uniquely precious jewels of direct experience, healing, expanding consciousness, love of silence, trust in Shakti Ma, and a heart within that has broken open and pours forth Love as never before. We truly can never imagine what is possible. Kundalini Ma provides everything that is needed to support us.


Our initiation is complete when we return home, literally or symbolically, and arrive in our new life. Our bodies may also change in this process. We are so much more full of Light and Love, deepened by direct experience of ourselves and what happened along the way. We often gain clarity about our purpose on the planet, and we are able to see everything and everyone else in new and more beautiful ways. Initiation removes the 3-D goggles that have limited us for so long. The precious jewels of knowledge and wisdom, open-heartedness, healing abilities, new creations of art, music, teachings, writings, dance, and service to others will bring more joy, light, and love into the world. New life means living from our open Heart, in direct experience of what is, being present and awake in a life devoted to Truth, Love, and the direct experience that everything is an aspect of the One. Nothing is separate at the deepest level of existence.  

For information about this work and individual sessions, contact Sheila for a complimentary phone or online meeting.