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Leaping and Longing

January 9, 2020

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Hello, Boulder. Here I am!

March 15, 2017



This morning, as I was praying for a breadcrumb that would lead me to the next thing in service to ‘arriving’ here in Boulder with the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, I was led to write this.


My longing is to establish a professional presence here, which I did not do when I moved here in 1995, and a home for this amazing women’s mystery school which I have stewarded since 1983.


I am putting this out in search of conversations, colleagues, collaborators, co-creators, connections, ideas, possibilities, imaginings, and to say, “Hi! I am here now, and no longer split between my personal life in Boulder for 22 years, and my professional life on the east coast since 1980. I want to know what’s going on with respect to women’s healing work here, who’s who in the Boulder world of women, and who is working with the Sacred Feminine — or longing for HER."


In 1995, when I thought my work in Maryland was done and my daughter was in her last semester at CU, I moved to Boulder only to discover that Maryland was not done with me. I commuted frequently until 2016 to do the work of the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, which I began there in the early 80’s. Last year, I completed the work in Maryland and the extraordinary community of women healers there is thriving and bringing the work of the Temple into the world in so many amazing and unique ways. 


Now I am here and longing to share the jewels, all the precious gifts I have been given through my devotion to the stewardship and the initiations of the Sacred Feminine with those who are ready and feeling their longing.


At this moment I am at a loss as to how to do that—other than write this right now. It took me four months to write the copy for my new website describing what I am here to offer, as I had to dive so deeply into myself, layer by layer, cell by cell, one written draft after another into the trash until I could give the clearest, most resonant expression of this work that I love so much. It was a remarkable practice to do that after so many years of letting others describe or emanate the Temple work.


I am in search of conversations, colleagues, collaborators, co-creators, connections, ideas, possibilities, imaginings, and to say, “Hi! Here I am!! What is happening with women here, who is involve or working with the Sacred Feminine?


As I wrote that, I just realized that my putting this forth is a prayer… to find my place here and offer what I have devoted my whole life to since I first met Mother Mary when I was six. I am ripe, the Shakti is flowing lusciously, and sitting here in the Mystery of what is.

If you would like to make contact, please email me: Sheila@templeofthesacredfeminine.com

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