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Leaping and Longing

January 9, 2020

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Core Archetypes of Sacred Feminine Initiation

December 13, 2016

If you are longing...

to awaken the Kundalini Shakti Fire of the Divine Feminine within you...

to directly experience the Great Heart, the Great Mystery...

To be embodied in a way that is juicy, earthy, deeply feminine...

to be consciously rooted in an ancient lineage of women who are devoted to the Truth, to the Sacred Feminine, the Mystery...

to re-member the ancient mysteries and wisdom ways of women...

If you are longing for direct experience of HER...

I invite you to step into the Temple of Sacred Feminine Initiation.


DOWNLOAD Archetypal Self-Inquiry for Awakening to the Sacred Feminine  HERE


The Temple of the Sacred Feminine offers a path of spiritual awakening and healing for women. We travel an intense inner journey in a community of devoted women through the four portals to primordial feminine energies: the Mother in the north, the Amazon in the east, the Lover in the south, the Medial Woman in the west. The Queen, who stands in the center, becomes unveiled after numerous spirals of initiation, given by Shakti Ma through our own life experiences.


From deep within us, the Queen calls us forth to walk through initiatory fires so we learn to Carry the Fire within that burns away conditioned ideas of who and what we are. All this opens us to directly experience that we are embodiments of the Sacred Feminine, living our purpose, and bringing the light of consciousness into the world.


Look at your life now to see which of these archetypal energies is inviting you to awaken to the Truth of who you are. Which ones feel most familiar? Which is the least known? In which archetypal domain is your deepest wound? Where are you being challenged right now? Where do you hurt? In what domain is your passion? The archetype that is least known, most challenging, is your shadow, and the one that offers the most opportunities for spiritual awakening and healing. It requires that you face it fully, go toward that which you have avoided most. Each archetype offers numerous initiations and opportunities for the end of living from our stories, the opening to what is, as it is, and living ever more consciously in and as Love. This is true freedom.


As you read about each archetype, notice what is familiar and easily accessible, and what is less known or completely foreign to you. Also, notice whether an archetype feels welcome or if there is resistance. Consider doing the Archetypal Self-Inquiry for Awakening to the Sacred Feminine for more information. (You can download it here.)




The Mother energy calls forth a woman's power to birth, sustain, and renew life-whether it is a child, a project, a garden, an idea. It is the Mother energy that also gives death, when necessary, and initiates us into sacrifice—(to make sacred), surrender, transformation, and transmutation. Mother initiations call us to the healing of our own mother wounds, to look at how we have been, or not been, mothers to ourselves and/or our children, to full embodiment, to the nurturance of our physical life, and the life of the planet. Encounter with the destructive side of the archetypal Mother, Kali, the goddess who shreds the fabric of illusion, is the core of all initiation. Through Mother initiations, we learn to love all aspects of Her, and to open to what is, as it is. Our only suffering is in wanting things to be different than they are.


Initiatory Prayer: Divine Mother, teach me to surrender to your will, to accept what is, as it is.




The Amazon energy calls us to take stock of our internal and external boundaries with people, food, money, time, energy, etc. so that we don’t abandon ourselves. She challenges us to become scrupulous in our inner work and truly devoted to deep Truth and alignment with that in all areas of life. The Amazon supports us as we meet our fears, shadow, and inner masculine energy. The Amazon energy shines light on what keeps us from being clear, assertive, decisive, honest, responsible and courageous, and she empowers us to surrender to right action or non-action.  


Initiatory Prayer: Divine Mother, teach me to serve the Truth above all things and to tell the Truth, especially to myself. Bowing…




The Lover is the energy that fires our deepest longing and sources our journey Home, and has everything to do with relationships of all kinds. When our Lover is invoked, our emotions, creativity, playfulness, sensuality, sexuality, relationship to self, body, other people, nature and the Divine are open for exploration and direct experience. The Lover brings to light the stories that engender fear, denial, and the illusions that keep our hearts closed, hurt, and angry. She offers us many opportunities to learn to love freely and passionately, to become ruthlessly compassionate, to forgive, and to live in the present moment without our stories of suffering and victimization, in continually expanding freedom. Lover initiations help us heal and transmute shame, trauma, and abuse of our bodies to Joy, which is our natural, awakened presence.


Initiatory Prayer: Divine Mother, teach me to turn toward and rest in my heart, to feel what is there completely, without the stories, and to have compassion for myself and my body—exactly the way I am. Bowing…




The Medial energy awakens our desire for wisdom, knowledge, and the unknown, and calls to self-inquiry and to the Unknown. The veils for her are very thin between dimensions and the energetics of others and in the field around her. She is curious, she thrives on moving toward that which is unknown, where we must learn to rein in our ego's need for control and resistance to surrender. The Medial energy calls us to descend deep into the depths of our own Being and to explore other dimensions of reality. Medial initiations shatter our ideas about what we think we know, and who we think we are. These initiations call us to address issues of healership, right use of spiritual powers, inner spiritual authority, and visibility in the world as a Medial Woman. Medial initiations lead us to our place in the world as teacher, healer, priestess, ritual maker, and wisdom keeper.


Initiatory Prayer: Divine Mother, teach me to fall in love with the unknown, and to rest in not knowing anything. Bowing…




The Queen within is She who is devoted to the Truth, and lives life in receptive devotion. Our Queen has realized a number of profound Truths: everything that shows up and everyone in our lives are Teachers for us. The core of our inner work is to open to what is, as it is; we suffer when we want things to be different than they are; our own stories about what is happening are the source of our fears; we can know nothing and must rest in that not-knowing; we do nothing, for we realize Divine Arrangement does everything, including our own life, and it always has. We have never been separate, nothing is separate from us, separation is an illusion despite how things appear in 3D. Everything is Shakti, consciousness, and is connected and connects us to everything else. The Queen within abides in the Great Heart, surrenders to what is, moves when moved, recognizes and blesses all other Beings in their perfection. The Queen’s function is to be Love and a beacon of Love to all.


Initiatory Prayer: Divine Mother, I give myself over to you, to be a vessel and emanation of your precious love and compassion. Your will is my will. Bowing…

© Sheila Foster 2016

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