Sheila Foster 

MA, Counseling Psychology

Colorado Registered Psychotherapist

Founder & Steward

Temple of the Sacred Feminine 

My life, like a myth, has been a divine arrangement of fierce grace, perfectly and intricately woven of the golden threads of profound longing, losses, and heartbreak, along with the gorgeous, vibrantly colorful threads of ecstatic mystical experiences, deep joy, and boundless Love. I am honored to offer to others the nectar of the exquisite teachings and the multi-faceted jewels of wisdom I have received from my many honored teachers, as well as the precious pearls of my spiritual practices.

In 1980, two years after graduate school, I started my private practice in psychotherapy and began post graduate studies in Jungian psychology, with a deep and compelling interest in the archetypal feminine, shadow, the sacred inner marriage, the mythic structures of our lives, and the utterly captivating labyrinthine worlds of awakening consciousness. Concurrently, while in Jungian analysis in 1982, I was gifted with a series of stunning archetypal dreams, one in which I was given a koan by a small, wiry, ancient yet ageless, male African shaman: “Carry the fire and don’t get burned.”

This initiatory dream preceded a volcanic, radically life-changing awakening of the Kundalini Shakti fire, something I knew nothing about at the time. Wild flames consumed my body and energy field and ended life as I knew it. I suddenly had no reference points other than my devotion to Divine Mother Mary, whom I had loved since childhood. There was nowhere to go but inward to pray, meditate, and listen. I witnessed with amazement the synchronistic and perfectly timed arrival of people, books, inner guidance and dreams that were necessary, and provided by Shakti Ma, to bring clarity to this calling to work with women and the Sacred Feminine, as well as to keep exploring and offering what I was learning about archetypes, mythic structures, and spiritual initiation.

A few months later, I was led to create the Temenos Center, innocently thinking it was a name for my practice. Following inner instructions with enormous trepidation, I sent out the first flyers offering my work into a world I did not know, having no idea then that I had signed on for initiations into the stewardship of an alchemical crucible. I felt naked and bowed low, like Inanna in the Sumerian myth, when she entered the Underworld of the Feminine. This began a whirlwind of bringing the Sacred Feminine and spiritual emergence via Kundalini awakening to conferences, psychiatric symposiums, mental health facilities, colleges, Jung groups, and others via performance art, workshops, and talks. All of this occurred within the field of the Temenos Center, and ultimately led to the emergence of the School for Women Healers which morphed into the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, a vessel of initiation into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries — to my great surprise. I was the last to know that this, a contemporary women’s mystery school, was even possible!

Central to my own healing and awakening process, as well as what I am privileged to offer to others, is the transmission of the Samyama meditation and healing practice which came to me in a series of meditations in the early 90’s. A few months after I had been practicing it daily, I was reading the Patanjali Sutras and was amazed to discover that Samyama is a yogic path of direct experience to awakened consciousness, boundless love and joy.

I am honored to offer women and men deep presence and sacred witnessing, as well as a variety of processes and practices for being with what is. This includes meeting and embracing broken hearts, opening to grief, tenderly approaching and touching into traumatic experiences, making visible ambiguous losses, exploring relationships with self and others, and inquiring into the Mystery. I can support those who may be going through Kundalini awakening and spiritual emergence, as well as dark nights of the soul. Inevitably, countless inner resources, resilience, guidance, self-love and compassion arise along the way.

Experiential processes, Samyama, dream work, active imagination, soul retrieval, family constellations, writing, art, the Chod practice, energetic healing, and embodiment practices are some of the ways the work unfolds. Sometimes sitting together in silence is what arises.

I bow to Kundalini Shakti Ma, She who is the Presence and energy within all that is, and who continues to guide my every step, one breath at a time, through the sensorium of this wild embodied human path of direct experience. Long ago she whispered to me, “You are not the teacher here. You are the teaching.”

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