• Shelia Foster

We are One

It seems to me that Divine Arrangement is inescapably showing us something very powerful with this world-wide coronavirus: WE ARE ALL ONE! We are all vulnerable. No one is left out, and each of us has our own karma, dharma, and ways of seeing it, being affected by it, going through it. We are at the beginning of a profound Initiatory Journey that we are experiencing together, each in our own way. It is presenting as a huge shadow right in our faces, changing our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. Initiations are always happening to us all the time, and we may feel alone as we go through our dark nights of the soul, but we are all together and we can see it more clearly with this threat in our faces. Nothing like this has ever happened in our lifetime, and SHE, Divine Mother, is calling us loudly to meet this--each in our own ways. None of us can avoid or deny what is happening now. We can meet this! Together! Supporting each other! On the immediate 3D level, it is a horrendous happening. We are all in the same boat. Fear comes and goes. While we are being told to stay home and isolate from others, at the same time there is something profoundly unitive happening. My internet went down on Saturday morning because so many people were online and it didn't come on all day. That had never happened. I imagined others were texting or emailing family and friends and over-loading the system. I called Comcast. While on the phone waiting for my internet to re-boot, I got into a conversation with the young Mexican man who was helping me and, for a few minutes, we were both heartfelt and intimate because we had the potential of this virus in common. We wished each other well with open hearts. In the grocery stores that I went to, I experienced more contact and engagement with the check-out people in the exchange of a few words and eye contact. Hearts seem to be softening and opening as fears arise and dissolve. Compassion is flowing more than usual within us, our families, among our friends, and in neighborhoods. If not yet, at least this is the potential waiting for us to engage. When fear arises, we can embrace it. We can check on what stories we are telling ourselves that are whipping up fear storms within. We are not alone. There will be more challenges and we will discover all kinds of ways to support each other. It helps to remember that all of this is held in the field of Divine Arrangement - no matter how bad or frightening it seems or feels. We are in the Great Unknown, in the lap of the Divine Mother, moment to moment, and always have been, but now it is so big that we cannot avoid seeing and knowing it, ever more intimately. We can ask, pray to make friends with it, to look into its depths within our own beings. What is 'out there' is 'in here'. We can work with this as a dream, look for what this means to us, what this shadow is within us that is calling ever so loudly for healing and blessing, we can see what we may be pushing away within us. This would be an excellent time for you to join us for 90 minutes in which we meditate together, share our experiences, and explore the potential and the treasures inherent in the what is that is going on now. The only way to the healings and the treasures is to fully meet what is, as it is. Each of our challenging experiences with what is going on can be seen mythically as a gatekeepers at each threshold in our journey. We have more access to the power and potential for revelations and direct experience of our hearts breaking open more and access to higher levels of consciousness. We are in huge transformational times where the opposites are colliding and that third magical thing that is beyond the opposites and holding them is more accessible. Holding both the good and the not so good in the same moment is alchemy, and from it comes that third, neutral, all-encompassing eye of consciousness that is so vast that we can then see, hold, and integrate the polarities. We are in a huge collective initiation, a profound opportunity for the opening of our hearts and the expansion of consciousness. It will be unique for each of us in many ways, and still there is the unitive knowing that we are all in this together. We don't have to do this crouched in a corner of fear. Together we can abide in the realms of the broken-open Heart of Hearts that never shuts down and is the altar for the eternal flame of Love and connection with each other. This is the path of the Wounded Healer, no matter how we appear in the world. All of it is Divinely Arranged: whatever it is that we don't like or want, as well as what we love and prefer. Divine Arrangement arranges the Holy and the Horrible as the Teachers and Teachings for each of us on our own unique path to the quickening of the Great Heart of Hearts that we are. If you fall into fear, you can take a look at what your thinking mind is saying to you. Our fears and suffering come from the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening. The alternative is to ask, "What is this teaching me? What can I learn from this?" "What purpose is this serving?" As we are living in confinement, if you feel alone, reach out and contact someone you love. Love and Blessings to You as We Journey Together, Sheila