• Shelia Foster

The Great Unknown

We are in surreal times together and apart, as the Great Unknown that has always been here has made itself more visible and palpable than ever before, in ways I could never have imagined. We Are the World – remember that song from the 1980’s when AIDs was spreading?

I haven’t written a blog since March as words about what’s been happening became inaccessible to me as the first two weeks of sheltering has led to now. I have been deep into witnessing, learning, listening, loving, supporting, seeking information, trying to stay aligned within, and discerning in a sea of disease, death, darkness, confusion, control, lies, fear, terror, and being present to the Unknowable, as well as to others and mySelf.

There has also been a golden ribbon of Love and Joy woven through the days, a happiness that arises when my awareness and attention are awake in my Heart, in Love, in the present and presence of the NOW moment. The bright side of living in duality is that there is a bright side to what the Mystery is unfolding here, one moment at a time, and I get glimmers of it like multi-colored jewels sparkling in the rising sun as it reflects off different objects when we let go of thoughts, fall into our Hearts, and just BE present, presence, and Love. I feel we are in a cauldron of change at all levels of 3D and spiritually, as we are experiencing High Alchemy where some things are burning away, and the integrity of our ineffable Being is experienced in and as the Fire of Love.