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Leaping and Longing

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Longing is the core of mystery. Longing itself brings the cure. The only rule is, suffer the pain. Your desire must be disciplined, and what you want to happen in time, sacrificed. ~ Rumi, Say I Am You

Namaste, Dear Ones,

We have entered a new vibrational zone with 2020, a leap year. We have an extra day in February and maybe it will feel like a day in the timeless zone! How is it going for you so far? Without looking up the numerology right now, how do you feel about your personal 2020? Have you reflected upon changes you'd like to happen? I use the word happen as everything is a happening. Is there something you want to be healed, released, acquired, or brought into your life? Have you decided yet to be with what is, as it is? What do you want? What do you long for?

Do you feel the difference in your heart between wanting and longing? For me, longing feels like the calling out, or crying out, of my Soul. My wanting comes from my personality, my ego, the 'I/me' that arises. Can you feel in your body where wanting arises? How about longing? I find that I experience them as completely different, arising from different sources.

One way to step into Rumi's world of longing is to tune into your human heart and feel your longing, and feel what it is for. Breathe... Then, release the object of your longing, take your attention away from the object and just feel the longing in your heart, without attaching it to any object.

Do you feel the difference? Now, give complete focus to feeling your longing without the object of it. Allow your attention to focus totally on feeling your longing in your heart center, and see what happens. You might try this a number of times: go to your heart and practice focusing in there for as long as you can. When your mind wanders just notice it, and come back again... again... again.... The path of the focusing is like a path through the woods. When it is walked again and again it gets deeper and deeper with every footstep, and this deepening stays if you are consistent. Eventually this path can take you to the Great Heart, the vastness that is right here, right now - Rumi's world.

So, I invite you to carry these questions in your pocket for nine days: how is it for you to focus on your longing without the object? How is it if you consistently do this every day for nine days? What happens, happened? Please feel free to email me about your experience and/or questions. By the way, it is likely that Kundalini Shakti energy will be activated to some degree and could become very intense, even firey. This is ok, natural, an exquisite Gift from MA.

With Love,