• Sheila Foster

Borrow the Beloved's Eyes

Borrow the Beloved's eyes.

Look through them

and you'll see

the Beloved's face everywhere.

No tiredness, no jaded boredom...

things you have hated will become helpers.

~ Rumi

In these chaotic times, the world is replete with the shadows of discord, division, dissidence, dis-information, dissolution, disillusionment, depression, delusions, disgust, diseases, darkness, and fear in the US, all over the planet, and even the cosmos. Human and planetary disasters are everyday news now. There is also the great light of Consciousness emerging world-wide, although that doesn’t get as much press.

These are very potent alchemical times and one way that we can participate and engage this alchemy is by each of us turning our attention toward our own heart which is, itself, an alchemical vessel. There are many ways to do this. My primary means is with the practice of Samyama. In addition to this yoga of the heart, I recently began practicing ‘looking through the Beloved’s Eyes.’

I begin with a short tune-in meditation to get quiet and aligned, then I make an invocation to see through the Beloved’s Eyes. I may tune into my children to access my deepest love or I follow whatever guidance I am given, and then rest into allowing, to see what arises as the object for looking through the Beloved’s Eyes. You will find your own way to access the Beloved’s Eyes. You can focus on something or someone personal or something going on in the collective. There is so much we can turn toward with this intention.

Even though I had a different blog in mind yesterday, I had a change of heart while I was with some dear women this afternoon where it arose in me to invite them to look through the Eyes of the Beloved to see if they could ‘see’ or reveal the source or root of a particular personal issue. What happened was amazing and very deep for each woman.

After that I felt called to invite you into this wonder-full inquiry.

This can be a true experiment in changing the way you look at what is apparently ‘out there’ as well as what’s going on within. You can ‘borrow the Beloved’s Eyes’ to look to the source of chronic, painful behavior patterns or physical issues and whatever is holding them in place. This is not about trying to change anything—although that could happen. It is about seeing what is with awakened eyes. From that quantum perspective of ‘just looking’ at what is, anything is possible.

I suggest that you read Rumi’s poem to yourself a few times and listen deeply, not only with your ears but with your body and your heart. Notice which words elicit a response or a reaction from you, evoke a feeling or energy, or touch your heart in some way.

Then see what arises for you to look at through the Beloved’s Eyes.

Are there things within, or in your life, or in the world that you hate, don’t like, don’t want, feel some aversion toward or want to be different? These are perfect objects for the Beloved’s Eyes to take in.

You can hang out with Beloved’s Eyes, take a walk, see what comes up, discover what it is for you to look and see through the Beloved’s eyes. This practice reminds me of how excited I was when I first got a macro lens for my Nikon camera — I wanted to see everything up close and personal in its infinitesimal beauty and photograph it. I fell in love with the most scraggly weeds and stones that looked so ordinary when I could really see them up close where their perfect architecture and symmetry. Their beauty took my breath away. Once while doing this, a wave of Shakti came through my body so strongly I fell to the ground in ecstasy. The Mystery is in everything if we have eyes to see it.

Anything is possible here.

How do you feel when you look through the Beloved’s eyes at a person with whom you have some issue or projections, how is it when you cast those Holy Eyes upon someone you love? You can try out this practice with difficult personal situations, horrific planetary concerns, disturbing political situations or people, your own deep wounds and broken heart, and even the mean internal voice that criticizes or shames you. You could focus on an issue of your own or look through the Beloved’s Eyes at the homeless guy on the corner, toward someone who is ill. There are probably 10,000 things that, if seen through the Beloved’s Eyes, could change the world, transform us and our stories—since we are the world.

If you work with this practice and have something interesting happen, please feel free to share it with me via email. I would love to hear from you if you want to share your experience.

Imagine what if, by Divine Arrangement, everyone wakes up one day and discovers we are all looking through the Beloved’s Eyes!!!

Bowing to the grace of the Beloved’s Eyes with deep gratitude.

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