• Sheila Foster

In this Time of Chaos, Conflict and Fear ...

On the eve of this election, when the people of this country are in so much chaos, fear, hidden agendas, revelations of truth, denial, conflict, and a host of other intense feelings, I offer this in the face of the Unknown as we meet our own feelings about what is happening or has happened. You might find one or more that resonates with you today and see what happens if you take it on as a mantra or simply a new space to stand in as you look out into your personal life as well as the larger world and the collective.

Divine Arrangement is at work here, no matter what it looks or feels like. I trust that no matter how it appears because it is always moving us toward greater consciousness. We have to turn toward the shadow, whether personal or collective, in order for it to transform. We are in a crucible of alchemy leading us into higher vibrational fields. We are in the liminal, the ‘between here and there’ place that is always uncomfortable, things fall apart, our lives, beliefs, dreams, expectations, relationships, etc. are dis-membered when we are moving into the new life of higher consciousness. Much shedding of the old occurs.

While in this liminal space you may find it interesting and evocative to investigate or contemplate some of the following:

  • While the mind may be entertaining at times, it does not discern Truth. It offers opinions and judgments, often without basis, which, if you have noticed, can change from one moment to the next.

  • The mind is not telling the truth when it says, “I can’t stand this.” You are standing this. The translation is, “I don’t want to feel this.” You may not want to feel it, but you are standing it.

  • Most of us spend more time engaged with the thinking mind than our own heart.

  • Willingness softens the ground so the heart can be felt. We can be willing to be willing, even, and it helps point us in the direction of The Heart. We can pray for or invoke willingness when it seems that we cannot possibly open to what is.

  • Grace is always present. With a heart that is willing to feel what is, we become more aware that Grace is always here. Sometimes it takes a huge breaking or piercing of our hearts to directly feel what is here.

  • Heartbreak is the release of the human limitation on the Heart’s capacity to love. If we resist it, we suffer and grow bitter, victim-like, and joyless. If we can open to feeling it, knowing that, as the Sufis say, “There is nothing but the Beloved” (God/dess, the Divine), Grace pours through.

  • Opening to what is, especially when it is something we really don’t want to experience, usually takes practice and it usually happens gradually, like the crowning of a baby as it is getting born. We don’t know or believe our heart can hold or handle the depth or intensity of the feelings that are being evoked, so we may need to open to these feelings gradually.

  • How do we do this when someone we love is hurting, wants to die, or is dying? How do we do this when the unthinkable/impossible/horrible happens to us or to someone we love? Can we just let our hearts break open and see what happens?

  • When we can truly be with someone we love with a wide-open spacious heart, and allow them to be as they are, and we can be without any agenda or need for them or the moment to be anything but what it is, we then are a field of Love, and Love is a field of infinite possibility. Anything can happen in a field of Love-anything!! The KEY is to open, to allow, to love what is as it is.

  • Resistance to what is is a resistance to feeling our own feelings about what is happening. The egoic mind thinks it should not be this way, or that we cannot handle this much pain, grief, or disappointment, or wants to avoid it and go into denial or “toward the light” instead of feel what is.

  • Suffering comes from wanting things to be different than they are. Our mind creates our suffering. Pain is a natural part of life; suffering is a layer of added pain created by our thoughts of how we want things to be different than they are. This thought puts us into resistance to what is, and that is always painful.

  • To directly experience anything or anyone is to open our hearts to them, to be present to them by giving them our full attention, and to be with them without our own agenda, ideas, or need for anything to be different than what it is.

  • It is the nature of the egoic mind to think, name, describe, narrate, and judge our experience. Witness your mind, notice what it tells you, and see for yourself.

  • To directly experience something or someone, including our own heart, is to experience them without the veils of our own thoughts, ideas, judgments, names, opinions or images about it.

  • Whatever we feel can be the portal to direct experience if we place our full attention in the feelings as they arise in our heart field at the portal of our heart chakra. This is Samyama practice: fully focused attention on the feelings, not on the story or the images.

  • Thoughts and images are veils over direct experience.

  • Time spent on regret or blame is time spent with our thinking mind rather than experiencing the present moment. Healing is in the present moment via self- compassion. I say again, nothing could be different than it was in that moment.

  • What happened in the past--five minutes ago or five years ago—could not be different than it was. What we or “they” did is the only thing that could happen in that moment. In retrospect, we may see other options or possibilities, but in that moment, the action that happened is all that could happen then.

  • What is is what is supposed to be in any given moment. Whether we agree or like it, or not, whether it meets our needs, or not. All is in Divine Arrangement!

  • Samyama practice is a potent way into the Great Heart and direct experience.

  • By heart I don’t mean the physical heart, I mean that place in our chest where we feel different emotions. I know we feel emotions in other places in our bodies but the spiritual heart is located more closely to the heart chakra, yet we are going beyond that when we enter a feeling as a portal to the Great Heart—the Heart that is open to Everything and can hold Anything.

  • Where we place our attention—in our thoughts or in our hearts—can be the difference between being in heaven or hell.

  • Neither You, nor I, are who we think we are.

  • Nothing is what we think it is. The key word here is “think.”

How do we investigate these things?

  • Become your own Sacred Witness: watch your own process, your own mind.

  • Practice Samyama – it truly brings clear seeing, reveals the true nature of things.

  • Thinking about these things won’t take you there…where is there? It’s right here and you can only get here by directing your attention away from thinking and go down into your own heart (again and again and again and again…).

  • You can Samyama a situation as well as a feeling or other. You can tune in the situation, feel it as an energy field in your heart, let go of all thoughts about it, and just feel into it…

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