• Sheila Foster

The Season of Endarkment

This season of Endarkenment is a very potent, archetypally-infused time as the holy days and holidays approach. We turn the clocks back, the days get shorter and the nights longer, as we enter into the energies of winter. Certain archetypes are activated by the arrival of Thanksgiving, Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. In the midst of this intense time on the planet much is being catalyzed for exploration and transmutation, collectively and personally. The time is ripe for amazing shifts to occur.

Turning back the clock is also happening on the inner levels, when memories are stirred, some sweet and others deeply painful. There may be dread of all the outer ‘noise’ and activities, the conditioned madness in the field, and the inner/outer turmoil that can arise as archetypal energies do their dances and have their way with us, our families, friends, and the world.

Hungry ghosts are roaming everywhere now, and so are Angels in disguise, inviting us into the cave of our hearts for some quiet time of self-inquiry, healing, the incubation of dreams and creative projects, as well as deep communion with our own heart’s longing and the Mystery. The presence of the Divine Mother can be felt strongly in this season, if we call to Her.

That is my invitation: call to HER for help, healing, guidance, direction, for others…

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