• Sheila Foster

Welcome to the Temple of the Sacred Feminine


I welcome you to my new Temple website. I am very happy to be offering my life’s work here in Boulder, as I have spent 21 years living here and commuting to work in Maryland where this body of work originally sprouted in 1980. Please take your time to peruse the site and I welcome your contact and your questions.

Take a look at the Calendar tab to see that my new shared office space at the Boulder Healing Hub is having and opening reception and celebration October 23, and I’d love to come join us. Also, I will be offering a workshop called “Life Is A Dream: Working with Life Events as Waking Dreams,” in the Waking the Dreamer Within Festival, October 14. For links to both events, visit the Calendar page.

Also, I am planning two upcoming gatherings for women to come together to let me know what you are longing for now, what is calling for healing or change, at this time in your life. One gathering with be for women aged 49 years or younger, the other for women 50 years and older. Dates etc. will be announced soon. If you are interested and want to be included on my email list, please take the time to add your name on the site sign-up, and you will receive information when I have it.

I have a treasure trove of offerings to be revealed and welcome ideas and suggestions. I am interested in offering some day-long as well as longer retreats and am scouting for lovely places in the country nearby for these events. For many years I have offered retreats in Crestone and will again, no doubt.

Last November, right after Thanksgiving, I began the overwhelming task of packing a large home to move just a mile or so from where I had lived for over seven years. It was an arduous move, as I gave away a lot of stuff, lightening the load of material goods so I could live in a lovely smaller, light-filled home with a south-west facing porch and a view of the mountains, which I love. The move was not only geographic. I moved into a completely new dimension, and a new life has been unfolding in amazing ways I could not have imagined — and I bow to Divine Arrangement for this. My gratitude is deep and my wonder is like that of a child.

Starting a practice here in Boulder, the Temple of the Sacred Feminine, at this point in my life feels like a miracle. I opened my first practice in 1980, a couple of years out of grad school, and could not have imagined the astounding work and life that emerged back then. There are tidbits of what happened for me in my site bio.

Here I am now, 36 years later, sitting on the edge of the Unknown again with respect to my work here in Boulder, full of wonder, curiosity, and excitement, once again beginning, in service to the Divine Mother.

I welcome your inquiries, referrals, and new clients. I invite you to join me in a 30-minute complimentary phone call or in-person meeting if you want more information.

Jai Jai MA!

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