• Sheila Foster

Creativity and Divine Arrangement

Over the many years of writing, as well as making art, I have come to understand that creation is always going on within, even when there is no sign of it on the outer levels.

In the past, in my early days of ‘serious’ writing, it was all blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes torture. I would make myself write and the writing may have been good but it did not come from the right place within me. It was generated by my thinking mind, with the help of a very eager, articulate, and sometimes critical animus, (the masculine spirit within me), often annoyingly injecting his opinions mid-sentence. My fear of not writing would be quelled for a time because I had produced something.

Now, many years later, I am not interested in producing, nor am I anxious when there is the appearance of no writing or art-making happening. I am aware that the Muse is always cooking within, behind the scenes, whether I am aware of what’s cooking or not. I have come to trust that it will emerge when the time is right, and it does. I live by Divine Arrangement, trusting that SHE knows what needs to be, and my egoic self may want what it wants, and I ultimately see the grace and the wisdom in what and when Divine Arrangement provides what is needed, perfectly.

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