The Mythic Path of Spiritual Initiation

and Healing

an  experiential workshop

for men & women

in the helping professions

Led by Sheila Foster, MA

Join me in Boulder for this experiential half-day workshop.

Discover how your life and deep initiations reflect the stages of the mythic journey

and learn how to work with each stage.


As described in the works of Joseph Campbell, the first threshold is Departure from our known world/life and we enter the Great Unknown. The rules of the road are different and we have access to the numinous. We are also challenged by Gatekeepers and accompanied by inter-dimensional Allies and Guides.


In the next stage, Initiation, also called the Road of Trials, we experience a psycho-spiritual dismemberment and death, which opens us to directly experience the Priceless Jewels of Consciousness.


The Return Home completes the journey and we are more awake, open-hearted, and generous with the treasures gained from our initiations.  

The Mythic Path of Spiritual Initiation and Healing

an experiential workshop for men & women in helping professions

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(For background, I invite you to explore my recent blog post, A Mythic Map of the Territory)