Carry the Fire

of the Sacred Feminine 

an introduction

to the Kundalini Shakti 

by Sheila Foster, MA

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I invite you to read and experience some excerpts from my spiritual memoir, specifically the early dreams, experiences and teachings from the first year of my formal introduction to Kundalini Shakti, which, at the time, I did not know existed.

Kundalini Shakti is the energy of spiritual initiation and these initiations arise in the context of our fragile, ordinary, human lives. Life as we know it is imperfect, impermanent, and often feels incomplete. Longing arises, usually for something ‘more’, something ineffable. The awakening of Kundalini Shakti within us both intensifies and quenches this longing, as it is the awakening of the Divine Feminine in both women and men.


It is the Call to the direct experience and realization that there is no separation, duality is an illusion, and everything is One. It evokes ever-increasing opening of our hearts and access to direct experience, the most precious jewel of Sacred Communion with the all of everything as Source.  

Kundalini Shakti is awakening in many women and men right now, stirring the longing for the Sacred Feminine and the awakening of consciousness. Shakti Ma is calling forth new paradigms of relationship between the masculine and feminine within us, and in our outer lives with each other, the planet, and beyond. Kundalini Shakti initiations into the Sacred Feminine mysteries address this, as these spiritual initiations change our consciousness and our lives radically, including our relationship to self and others. Shakti Ma sometimes puts a left turn on the path we thought we were on in order that we may discover the deeper path and purpose that we are being called to.


My guidance is to show you some of the ways She made Her presence known to me in my early days of initiation into Her ineffable mysteries. We come to know Her through our own direct experiences, so I invite you to notice your own experiences as you read. 


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