Shakti Temple for Riding the Waves of Kundalini

an intimate, online group

for women

New Groups forming soon

Led by Sheila Foster, MA

These groups are an introduction to living with Kundalini

for women who want to know more about Her in their own lives.

I provide a safe and spacious container in which to do work, which means that anything is possible. We are present, we meet whatever arises within us, we meditate, we share what is deep and calls to be witnessed and/or worked with. I offer a variety of spiritual practices and inquiries, offer you the ways of direct experience, and walk with you as Kundalini Shakti moves through you and your life. We talk, we cry, we laugh, we sit in silence…everything is possible.


Shakti Ma, aka Divine Arrangement, will call you if you are to be here. Listen to your Heart! She always arranges exactly the ‘right’ women for these groups, for each woman is a teacher and a teaching for all of us. I know this from 40 years of women’s groups.


  • Groups meet online using

  • Meetings are weekly for four weeks 

  • Meeting time is 4:00 pm PT / 5:00 pm MT / 6:00 pm CT /  7:00 pm ET

  • Group meets for 90 minutes if there are 4 participants; if there are 5 or 6 participants, group will meet for 15 – 30 minutes longer so there is enough time for all.


I invite you to contact me via email or phone (303-499-9166) for a half-hour discovery conversation. 

NOTE:  If you feel you would like to be in the group, I request that we have a 50-minute introductory call to get to know each other. I would like to know what you are longing for, what calls you to this journey, what you want to heal, where you are spiritually and what your aspirations are.   
It is very important for me to get to know each woman who participates in my groups. I can best support you if I know a bit about your family history, any traumas you have experienced, what your life is like now, and any other things that you feel important and want to share. You are also free to ask me any questions, too. It is very important that we see how we work together

Please contact me to learn more and reserve your place in the circle.  Space is limited.