Waking the Dreamer Within Festival

Life is a Dream:

Working with Life Events
as Waking Dreams

A presentation by Sheila Foster, MA

October 14, 2016 – 10:30 am

Longmont, CO


Have you ever had an unusual encounter with a person or an animal, or found yourself in an odd situation, and walked away knowing that you somehow entered another dimension, crossed a threshold, or that something significant happened, and wondered what that was, why now, or marveled that some question you had been pondering was mysteriously answered in that short meeting?  

Join Sheila Foster for this two-hour workshop offered as part of the Waking the Dream Within Festival and experience how Consciousness speaks to us all the time through ordinary life moments, and discover the benefits of doing this, such as receiving guidance and direction, gaining understanding & meaning, as well as receive healing and answers to some of our most perplexing questions.

Waking the Dreamer Within Festival

October 13-16, 2016

Longmont, Colorado

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