Temple of the Sacred Feminine

"This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter. 

Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway...

Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.” 

 –  St. Teresa of Avila

translation by Mirabai Starr

Temple of the Sacred Feminine is a sanctuary within our own embodied hearts, where the incandescent flame of the One ignites our deepest longing for the Divine Feminine, for Home. What we long for, longs for us.

Loving presence and attention are given to the impermanence, imperfection, and incompletions that Life offers us as kindling for the holy fire of being with what is, tending broken hearts, trauma, awakening into our essential nature as joy, and connecting with the Sacred Feminine within and around us. The Temple offers a vessel where transformation and transmutation occur in the embrace of the Mystery and the Shakti Ma.


We invite both women and men.

This Temple of the Sacred Feminine grew out of my devotion to the Divine Mother since childhood, and an extraordinarily powerful awakening of the Kundalini Shakti in 1982, the ineffably potent life force and Feminine energy of spiritual awakening. During the early months of my awakening, I was guided to create Temenos Center. The Temple of the Sacred Feminine was born within this temenos, which is a Greek work for sacred space. The beginning of the Temple for me constellated a fiery apprenticeship to initiation, and a life-long, holy stewardship of this alchemical vessel of transformation and transmutation.

The Temple of the Sacred Feminine is a threshold or portal into the Unknown and the Mysteries of the Deep Feminine. The vibration of this Temple supports opening to deeper dimensions of being, where the inner work can arise and be met in a safe container. 

I consistently see that everything that is needed for healing and the next unfoldment of spiritual awakening arises in right timing and divine arrangement. We cross thresholds and shed the burdens of ancient, limiting conditioning and old identifications, allowing the true, essential self to emerge, unfettered, often with clear purpose, passion, and guidance for a new, more creative life.

Broken hearts heal and open, more capable than ever of loving self and other, and often greater service in the world. Traumatized, split-off parts of self that have been hidden in shadow, feel safe enough to emerge and are deeply met, loved, and integrated.

Those who arrive longing for direct experience of the Sacred Feminine, longing to see HER face, come to know HER intimately.


The alchemy that occurs in this Temple opens hearts to the dance of polarities, such as love and heartbreak, masculine and feminine, human and divine, inner and outer, until they reconcile and unite into a mystical union within. Entering the temenos of the Temple of the Sacred Feminine is a step into the ever-present Now, the timeless time called Kairos, where synchronicities are the norm and divine arrangement is increasingly apparent. Meeting and surrender to what is, as it is, becomes ever more possible.


This Temple is also a non-local, morphic field that travels with me and can be invoked anywhere, anytime, by you as well as me, once you have engaged with it. Silence sources me and the work that happens in this vessel. My own direct experiences of initiations into the Mystery, Kundalini Shakti, and the Sacred Feminine inform my life and work. The Jungian world of archetypes and myth, as well as my explorations of consciousness, have provided me with multi-faceted lenses through which to see structures, patterns, and various dimensions.


Transpersonal psychotherapy, support for Kundalini awakening, and systemic constellations, are possible with individuals as well as groups. Skype sessions and video-conference workshops and groups can also be arranged. If you are called to spiritual inquiry with respect to your life issues, facing a Dark Night of the Soul and want the support of an elder for these powerful initiations, I would be honored to walk with you. I am available in Boulder and other areas for practitioner training in the yogic practice of Samyama Meditation and Healing, many different kinds of workshops, retreats, ongoing explorations of consciousness, and Sacred Feminine initiation.

Interested in learning more?

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