11-Word Poems &

100-Word Stories

Let's stir the cauldron of our creative juices and have some fun letting words play with us!

Led by Sheila Foster, MA

online & in-person

What is your story and how much of it is limiting who you truly are

by what you believe yourself to be, and how you are in your life and world? 

Writing our stories, whether in short poems or longer pieces,

can reveal to us what our unconscious mind and heart know to be true


We are here to shift some of those lineage stories, for ourselves, our children, and those who come after us.
Please join me in some fun explorations with word-play that can be deeply revealing of the Truth of our Being and what is being called forth. This is about revelation and fun!!  (I learned these fun writing exercises from my writing coach of many years, Max Regan, Boulder, CO.) Discovering this single stone can change our lives!

 In the sea,
ten thousand feet down,
there is a single stone.
I will pick it up without wetting my hands.

~John Tarrant


  Eleven-Word Poems  

These are very fun, and no experience is necessary. If you think you can't write a poem, you'll be very surprised!

We will spend 90 minutes playing with these poems, reading them to each other (yes, you can do it!!),

and inspiring each other to continue.

No judgment, just amazement and delight. These 11-word poems can be addictive! 

Is fun.
No judging critiques
when our playful Consciousness

$25 per session

100-Word Stories   

With only 100 words, we get to the essence of the story to be told.


As a writer, I have found these to be fun and a useful technique in getting to the essence of a story I want to tell. They are surprisingly easy.The stories can be true or made up, serious or funny. Whatever calls to you, whatever asks to be told. We read them to each other without judgment or critique, and share a beautiful process called ‘Creative Audience’ that I learned from a Zen monk John Daido Loori Roshi. This is my 100 word story.  (Count the words!)


Please join me!

It's fun, revealing, surprising, deepening...

and maybe just the stretch you need to open up new possibilities in you and your life! 


Please contact me to learn more and register.